How to Wear a Suit with No Tie?

Yeah! You look at yourself in the mirror when you wear a suit. Superb!

Suit looks great. And you Too.

Your Shirt looks awesome.

But Now the question…

Tie? Or no tie? With your amazing Made to measure suits.

Ya I know it’s a toughest question than your Math paper. Hahaha… it’s true…

We see people always wear a tie with suits.

But you’re not a same as common boring style tie guy.

And does your shirt collar really look great going tieless?

Gentleman, in today’s Post, I am going to address those questions. And give you a reason for avoiding tie with suits.

In addition, I am going to list 5 points on how to wear a suit, sports coat, and blazer without a tie and look like a million bucks.

Suits and ties are like peanut butter and jelly – meant to be together. But that doesn’t mean a suit can’t be dressed down. Sometimes you want to wear a suit without all the pomp and circumstance, you know?

Here are a few tips for wearing a suit without a tie.

  1. Get your fit right:

Choose a right fit suits and shirt when you ditch a tie because you can go without saying anything but can’t go without a tie everything else is on display.  Especially sleeve length.  Show some cuff.

  1. Wear a shirt with a small pattern:

 Always try to wear a shirt with patterns, solid shirts also looks great when you wear a suits tieless, but a slight pattern helps keep your outfit from looking too minimalist.

  1. Try unbuttoning that second button on your shirt:

 When you not wear a tie with suits then try to open your first and second button of shirt, this is tricky for some.  Some guys not like to open shirt button Good news is there’s a way to create another “button” between #1 and #2.

  1. Be in great shape:

 When you avoid to wear a tie be in a good shape or wear suits according to your body type Always helps.

  1. Keep Your Undershirt Hidden:

When you do not wear a tie then be sure keep you undershirt hidden Undershirts are important because they can, insulate you, protect the over shirt from body oils and help smooth the torso for a better fitting shirt.

  1. And when in doubt, wear a tie:

 If you’re interviewing for a job at a well-dressed workplace, tie less projects arrogant playboy.  Again, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a tie. It looks great on everyone.


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