10 Tips for Picking the Perfect Business Suit

Perfect Business Suit

There are very few dresses which survive the test of seasons and trends. Dear men! Be thankful that you have business suits falling under that category. Do you have an important meeting with your business investors where you need to come off as a serious entrepreneur and leave a good impression? Or do you want to impress the people whom you meet on regular basis? Whether you want to look elegant or wish to dress in order to impress somebody, suiting and booting up is the perfect way to go. Suits have been considered an ensemble for class and sophistication since ages and there is no difference in modern age.

Right from choosing fabrics, colors and accessories to matching up the perfect tie and shirt with your suits, it can be quite befuddling at times to make the right choice. So, let us help you nail down the perfect look while you wear the business suit.

Comfort Wear

Unlike party suits, you are going to wear business suits regularly for hours. So, choose the fitting style that doesn’t just look good on you but is also comfortable to wear and we are sure that slim fits would definitely not be listed in your comfort zone.

Just imagine having to be in that suit for 8 hours at work place, having to perform all the regular day activities, commute and sometimes even attend parties with your friends in that same attire immediately after the office hours. So, pick a comfortable fabric and fitting.

Matching the Belt with Shoes

One of the basic rules of wearing a suit is that your shoes should always be of the same color and almost same material as your belt. A sleek leather belt with the similar looking shoes can never fail to make you look good, no matter what style of business suit you are wearing.

However, just because these two accessories should match with each other, it does not imply that your other accessories should also be matching. In fact, when it comes to pocket square you have to be really unique. Be aware that it should not match with any of your attire parts in color, pattern or texture.

Choosing the Color of Your Jacket

Though there are many color options available with men these days, having navy and charcoal grey is a must for every man. You can never go wrong with these two colors as they suit everyone with ease and would never go out of trend too. Besides, you can repeat them as many times as you wish without being tagged as repetitive by your colleagues.

In fact, the otherwise common black suit is not to be worn as regularly. Reserve it for your business cocktail parties as it would look more appropriate at such occasions.

Remember! Purchasing a suit is one thing but mastering the art of having a suit that would actually enhance your personality and look just perfect on you is a completely different art to master. We would suggest you to go for the customized tailor made suits in order to get something which has been exclusively designed according to your taste and preferences because you can never go wrong with it. And with many online stores offering this luxury, you don’t even have to bother making regular trips to your local tailor.



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