When and How to Wear the Waistcoat?


Remember the classic time of 3-piece suits which included a shirt, coat and an additional waistcoat? Yes, I am talking about the men’s tummy tucker which became a rage for all the sophisticated dress code events and is now probably kept in some safe corner of your wardrobe because you don’t have formal events of that level anymore. Well, it’s time to take that out, buy some more for your wardrobe and make your style statement.

From office and a casual outing in the evening club to a black tie event and your first date, you can wear a waistcoat (also known as vests) to almost every place and all the time these days. Yes! The third piece in your 3-piece suits is back in trend and it is right on the streets. Your favorite celebrities are sporting it, the trend setter in your office is wearing it, that cute guy in your neighborhood on whom every girl has a crush is probably dressed in it all the time.

So, why are you afraid of wearing it? Trust me! It is a style for not and just few. You can carry it well. Just start with wearing it the traditional style and once you get used to it, experiment with different patterns, colors and fabrics to maintain an occasion-appropriate and trendy look.

If you just follow the basic guidelines while wearing a waistcoat, I can assure that you won’t ever go wrong with this styling attire.

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Why to wear a Waistcoat?

  • Waistcoats are good for the events where you would be required to look formal but also use your arms a lot around. For instance if you are at a wedding as photographer, a waistcoat would look good for the occasion while letting you perform your job without any dressing restrictions.
  • They will make you stay formal while making you feel comfortable. If your office is not properly air conditioned and you feel hot in a suit jacket, you can conveniently switch it with waistcoat and nobody will point you for breaking the dress code also. Also, in winters you can wear it under you overcoat or suit jacket for the added warmth.
  • They can revamp your entire wardrobe. Even if you own few suits and two or three waistcoats, you can wear them by mix matching or just wear waistcoat without the suit jacket at few occasions, hence letting you create a dozen outfits out of a few.

How Should a Waistcoat Fit?

  • Since a waistcoat is probably the slimmest fitting garment in a men’s wardrobe, it should stick very close to your body.
  • I should not feel tight but also skim your torso. There is an adjuster at the back of the waistcoat which can be adjusted according to the comfort levels.
  • If you ever observe wrinkles at the back or side of your waistcoat or simply feel too suffocated after wearing it then you should lose it from the adjuster because it implies that your waistcoat is very tight.
  • The arm holes should be slightly larger than your suit jacket to allow the arm moments to be more comfortable.
  • A standard waistcoat consists of five buttons but it you are too tall in height then you might want to go for a seven buttoned style.
  • The length of your waistcoat should be enough to cover the waistband area of the trousers that you are wearing without really revealing the bottom of the shirt.
  • The neck hole should be sitting against the back of your shirt collar which will help to keep the waistcoat in its right place.
  • Just ensure that you are not wearing a belt while you are wearing the waistcoat as it can make you look bulkier than what you are.

Before you go shopping think where do you plan to wear the waistcoat? The kind of collection that you should buy depends largely on the occasions and places you will be wearing it to. You obviously cannot go to office wearing your wedding waistcoat.

And trust me when I say you have lots of options to choose from while shopping for waistcoats, I mean it. Let me run you down through some of the choices you will have to make – Formal, Casual, Occasion, Black-Tie, Check, Stripped, Single Breasted, Double Breasted, Cotton, Tweed, Solid or Colored.






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