Make your Plain Suit Appear Interesting with Right Accessories

Do you feel bored of wearing the almost identical designed business suits every day? Have you lately been getting reviews from your cohorts about your dressing style being too monotonous? Well, you might have realized by now that merely wearing different colors of shirts will not really bring any freshness to your look. And thus, you should be accessorizing your suit to liven it up.

Trust me! You will neither look over dressed for your work place, nor will it cost you a fortune to get that stylish accessorized look.

An Exclusive Pocket Square

You need to get over the myth that your pocket square should match your tie to the T; it just has to compliment the tie. Hence, you should not shy away from trying out new colors, patterns and designs when it comes to pocket squares. Especially if you are planning to miss on wearing a tie or it is not really colorful, having an eye-catching pocket square can make you look really stylish.

However, if you are not a person of bright colors and crazy patters wearing your solid pocket square in distinct styles will also do not trick for you. Just search for the pocket square styles and choose the ones that you like. It’s certainly not a rocket science learning to fold your pocket squares in different manners.

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A Tasteful Bag

Bags are not just the accessory of women, they add a lot to a man’s personality too. So, make sure that you get rid of your old school briefcase or backpack and treat yourself with a leather bag which looks stylish with your suit.

Whether you wear it across your body or just let it hang on your shoulder, just make sure that it is not too bulky. Trust me! Investing in a neutral colored simple leather bag once would never be regretted. What else? You can match up the bag with almost everything in your wardrobe if you choose just the right color.

A Seasonal Scarf

A scarf is not just an accessory to add life to your otherwise boring suit; it will also keep you warm during those cold and autumn months. You can tie a scarf in various styles to make it look as formal and as casual as desired for a particular occasion.

In fact, you can choose a lighter fabric for summers and springs to replace the scarf with your tie to have a more relaxed yet complete look.

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Add some Patterns

As effective as this trick could be to make your outfit look lively, it can result in a complete disaster also if you end up overdoing your look. So, be very cautious while you decide to introduce patterns in your attire.

Go for bold patterns in shirts or tie while keeping your suit as monochromatic as possible to balance the effect. However, make sure that both your shirt and tie are not patterned. One of them has to be solid to compliment the other.

Statement Footwear

You might have heard it ample of times that a man is judged best by his footwear. Well, let me tell you that just by making your footwear the style statement of your outfit, you can actually make many eyeballs turn.

Even if you are wearing a really simple outfit, pairing it up with bold shoes patterns and colors could liven up your suit a lot. Invest in trendy statement footwear and you might just end up setting styling goals for other men around you.

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A Tie Bar or Clip

In earlier days, a tie pin used to be considered the most essential accessory to make the suit look completely formal. However, that is not the case anymore! You have a wide range of classy, funky and colorful tie bars available in market that can give an interesting touch to your suit.

Give in a thought while you go shopping for tie pins as they might end up becoming your style statement or even defining you for the onlookers. Let your style speak with the right tie accessories.

Be a bit playful while mixing up your accessories. Obviously, you do not have to wear all of them at once but you can exchange them on various occasions to have a fresh look even if you are wearing the same solid suit.



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