10 Tips for Picking the Perfect Business Suit

Perfect Business Suit

There are very few dresses which survive the test of seasons and trends. Dear men! Be thankful that you have business suits falling under that category. Do you have an important meeting with your business investors where you need to come off as a serious entrepreneur and leave a good impression? Or do you want to impress the people whom you meet on regular basis? Whether you want to look elegant or wish to dress in order to impress somebody, suiting and booting up is the perfect way to go. Suits have been considered an ensemble for class and sophistication since ages and there is no difference in modern age.

Right from choosing fabrics, colors and accessories to matching up the perfect tie and shirt with your suits, it can be quite befuddling at times to make the right choice. So, let us help you nail down the perfect look while you wear the business suit. Continue reading 10 Tips for Picking the Perfect Business Suit


Make your Plain Suit Appear Interesting with Right Accessories

Do you feel bored of wearing the almost identical designed business suits every day? Have you lately been getting reviews from your cohorts about your dressing style being too monotonous? Well, you might have realized by now that merely wearing different colors of shirts will not really bring any freshness to your look. And thus, you should be accessorizing your suit to liven it up.

Trust me! You will neither look over dressed for your work place, nor will it cost you a fortune to get that stylish accessorized look. Continue reading Make your Plain Suit Appear Interesting with Right Accessories

Tailored Suit Tips for Shorter Men

Fashion Tips for Shorter Men

Every body type has some advantages and some challenges of its own.

With thin, petite and short pen however the thing is that they have very less room for error while wearing suits. They have to balance their proportions in just the right manner.

Tailoring and the fitting measurements to even the ½ inch matters a lot – and pattern, cut and silhouette all become of critical importance so that you don’t end up looking even shorter or as if you are wearing your elder brother’s clothes. Continue reading Tailored Suit Tips for Shorter Men

Indian Ethnic Mens Clothing – Why Every Man Should Have One!!

Ethnic wear looks good on everybody, isn’t it? And since we live in a country with such variety of styles in traditional dresses, every man must have at least one tradition suit in his wardrobe. And since I am sure that you all are wondering by now that what all styles you can get for yourself, here are a few that looks amazingly good on men. Continue reading Indian Ethnic Mens Clothing – Why Every Man Should Have One!!

When and How to Wear the Waistcoat?


Remember the classic time of 3-piece suits which included a shirt, coat and an additional waistcoat? Yes, I am talking about the men’s tummy tucker which became a rage for all the sophisticated dress code events and is now probably kept in some safe corner of your wardrobe because you don’t have formal events of that level anymore. Well, it’s time to take that out, buy some more for your wardrobe and make your style statement.

From office and a casual outing in the evening club to a black tie event and your first date, you can wear a waistcoat (also known as vests) to almost every place and all the time these days. Yes! The third piece in your 3-piece suits is back in trend and it is right on the streets. Your favorite celebrities are sporting it, the trend setter in your office is wearing it, that cute guy in your neighborhood on whom every girl has a crush is probably dressed in it all the time. Continue reading When and How to Wear the Waistcoat?

What Should Your Cocktail Suit Look Like

Cocktail Attire for Men

Receiving a party invitation is always pleasing as you get to see the old and new faces, enjoy some relaxing time with them while taking a break from routine. There is no stress involved, right? Well, how about if your invitation has a dress code specifically mentioned over it?

Just imagine having received an invitation with the letters printed “Cocktail Attire” as dress code and suddenly all the excitement and planning for a fun weekend turns into confusion. You have no clue what does the dress code imply and you are simply left wondering that what you should wear and whose style are you actually suppose to idolize for this particular event. Is a particular coat style defines the attire or is it some particular color that you need to wear? Will anything pass as cocktail attire till the time you are holding a cocktail glass in your hand? Continue reading What Should Your Cocktail Suit Look Like

The Top 5 Types of Blazers to Own

Top 5 Types of Blazers

Blazers give elegant and stylish look to men`s personality. There is not so much difference between the suit jacket and blazer. Suit jacket is the one which is used to wore with the matching paints, but it is not applicable on the blazers.

Never wore a blazer with the matching pants, otherwise people will throw you out of the occasion. Seriously? No, just kidding man!

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But still there are five types of blazers which should be available in your wardrobe. A well-fitted blazer, with a perfect matching shirt and a sexy pair of shoes will definitely look awesome-blossom on you. Continue reading The Top 5 Types of Blazers to Own