How to Buy a Perfect Suit

Today, in this article I am going to tell you how to buy a perfect suit which also look good on you. I am going to share my personal experience on how to buy a suit that fit for all size, no matter what is your age or body type.

If you know the perfect suit color, perfect designs, styles then buying a perfect suit can be an easy task for you. Purchasing the perfect suit can be a pleasant experience if you have right information.

When you are trying a suit, your main aim it to look good that is natural stance.

Which means standing straight, wearing right shoes, and with you arm`s relaxed at your side.

This is the normal posture for lots of people, this is the base where the movement start flowing. But if the suit doesn’t fit you well in this stance, then you can`t be comfortable with your body either.

Stand straight in relaxed position, upright pose, and then start trying suits, will definitely give you an outstanding look in suit.

Below, some tips have given which explain you to buy a perfect suit pack including shirt, tie, cuffs and shoes that fits your body type and personal style

  1. The Shoulder:

The best suited shoulder comes in-flat. The seam which is on the top of the shoulder should be of same and perfect length as the bone under it, and keep in mind that it should meet the sleeve of the suit where your arm meets your shoulder.

But if the seam that connects the sleeve to the jacket is hiked up along your shoulder bone, or dangling down on your upper bicep, the jacket is never going to sit properly. At that time you will see “ripple effects” that creates wrinkles or lumps on the sleeve and top of jacket.

Shoulders are one of the hardest part in jacket to manage even after construction, so never opt for an ill-fitted shoulder suit. The shoulders should stay perfectly flat, with no lumps or divots on the shoulders. If you have rounded shoulders the seam should stay on its right place, just need little more padding to make them appear less rounded. If the shoulders are big or small, the tailor knows how to fit it perfectly and it will take hard time and it would be little expensive.

So remember all these fitting technique properly when buying a suit for the next time.

  1. The Waist and Seat:

The suits paint should fit perfectly around your waist, with no need of belt to hold it. They should hit near the high hip bone area, don’t wear the suit pants like jeans- which are usually designed to sit lower.

The suit pants be loose near the butt area or slightly hug the thighs, it should not to be saggy or super tight, otherwise while walking you feel uncomfortable and  the shape of underwear will also see.

The back of the suit pants or trousers should be a smooth drape over the shape of your rear end.

A tailor can fix this, if the paints or trousers are too tight then there always be an unusual piece of cloth to fix it. If the paints are loose then it is difficult to adjust because it can’t be fit properly without fixing the pocket parts.

Therefore, it is important to buy that trousers which fits you perfectly and looks good.

  1. Trouser break:

The trouser break or wrinkle will occur when the top of the shoe stops the trouser from falling to its full-length.

This break should always be small, one horizontal crease is enough, more than that looks like you are wearing someone else trouser. Or one thing you can do to wear high heel of the shoe, to avoid these breaks.

The tailor can fix this easily, by fitting the cuffs according to the size. Then it looks more polished and sharper. A slight break works for everyone.

  1. Jacket sleeve length:

Someone said, “half-inch of line” is good, it is an old-fashioned line which shows the relationship between a Mens tailored suit jacket and the shirt worn under it.

When you bend your wrist, your palms are facing the ground, at that time your sleeves should be about ¼” inch above the top of your hand. People recommend that there should be some gap between the suit jacket and shirt. The suit sleeve doesn’t rise so much that the cuff will see entirely, if the jacket length is more than ¼” then you can take the help of tailor to fix this, but if the length is less than 1.5” then ditch the jacket, because there is not more fabric to lengthen the sleeve of the jacket.

People said, tis a general guideline, and you don’t have to get obsessive on this. Why do you want to make you sleeve length more or short, keep it in a normal way.

Whenever you worn suit jacket, try not to hide the shirt entirely or vice versa. At least a small bound of shirt should be visible.

  1. Four automatic “Bad Fit Warnings”

Now, we are going to discuss some warning points for suits, which one should never do:

Some of them only because of the core structure of the suits- that means your body is not a good match for the suit which you had choose.

Never compromise in trying different brands and be patient.

  1. The dreaded X-shaped button:

If you are watching wrinkled lines radiating outward from your jacket button when you close the jacket, it means that you have gained weight by which your jacket becomes tight and it will need some adjustment.

These types of jacket looks like ill-fitted.

Never buy these types of jackets which show X shape when you close the button, if you have a jacket which start showing this, then it’s a time to contact tailor and to make it loose and you can do one more thing hit to gym to reduce some weight.

  1. Shoulder divots and upper-arm wrinkles:

If wrinkles are showing under the shoulder, then flare out again, it means shoulder are too big. Try a different brand or try one size small.

  1. Shoulders wrinkles- Top Rumpling:

If you are noticing the wrinkles on the top portion of your shoulder, jackets are too big from shoulders. It could be a simple length problem. Try the size which fits you well or you can opt for a multiple styles or patterns.

If you are still watching wrinkles on the top of your shoulder then that brand is not for you, try different brand.

  1. Twisted Sleeve- Bad Sleeve Pitch:

Faint spiraling wrinkles occurring on the outside of the sleeve which means that the angle of the arm doesn’t match the angle that the sleeve was constructed with.

In which sleeve looks like a slightly twisted even when your arms are hanging still at your sides.

A tailor can fix this by removing the sleeves and reattach them with different angle, but it won’t be cheap and easy.

It better to try a jacket where the sleeves fall smooth and straight even when your arms are resting.

  1. Collar:

The collar should rest against the back of your neck, which means it should rest against tour shirt collar. The collar and shirt should slightly touch each other. If there is a gap it means it is loose.

If there is bunching just under the back of the jacket collar, it means it is too tight, better to take off your jacket.

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