What Men’s Fashion Trends Should Follow in 2016

Bad news for Bond. Unfortunately uncomfortable, skinny-fitting bond style suits that make you feel like Tony Abbott after a triathlon are about to be retired to the back of the closet – for at least the next 3 years, anyway. Its 2016 and the rocker look will be everywhere. The only way to truly stay ahead of a trend is to predict it. From what I’ve seen on the street style, on the Highways, on the Fashion shows, and in the supermarket store, I’ve gotten ahead of the curve and outlined some of the hottest men’s suits trends and styles you’ll see blowing up this year and coming year.

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It is exciting let’s go!

The latest looks

Prateek Chauhan, co-founder of Jodhpur Tailor, says the super-slim skinny-fitting look is no longer in fashion in 2016. “At the start of this year we’re already seeing a move away from this old trend as men begin to embrace a more relaxed suit,” he says. “Slim fit will be choosing by men but they will still be slim fitted, but certainly not skin tight. And if we talk about slightly looser fit, we’ll also be seeing wider lapels and longer jackets and pants.” Prateek Chauhan also says more about color. He says in 2015 there were a lot of bright blue fabrics around but this year we will move towards greyer colors and olive green.

Mix and match

This year we will watch men’s fashion designer experiment with different fabrics and textures at the same time. “Why stick to a suit of just one fabric or colour?” Men’s Suits designer Enric West says. “Pair a navy blazer with grey or charcoal trousers for a more individual look. It’s all about finding your own individual style. Stripes, patterns, subtle weaves; it’s all possible. Popular menswear store Jodhpur Tailor has recently opened an online bespoke suit tailoring. Speaking to me by phone from India, founder prateek says he has noticed a resurgence in double-breasted suits and jackets, along with a wider notch lapel on single breasts.

Classic cuts

Enric West says if you want to get off the fashion merry-go-round, your only answer is to buy a well-made suit in a classic cut that will span time. “Jackets are fitted but with more room in the chest and across the back.


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