Indian Ethnic Mens Clothing – Why Every Man Should Have One!!

Ethnic wear looks good on everybody, isn’t it? And since we live in a country with such variety of styles in traditional dresses, every man must have at least one tradition suit in his wardrobe. And since I am sure that you all are wondering by now that what all styles you can get for yourself, here are a few that looks amazingly good on men.


Dhoti/ Veshti

This has probably been in trend from as long as even our grandparents can remember. Most common among men in Maharashtra, Kerala, Orissa, Goa, Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Bihar, you can pair up this unstitched piece of cloth with a shirt or kurta, or you can simply get a stroll made of the same textile as your dhoti if you are attending a proper traditional Pooja.

You can wrap it around your hips in a skirt style if you want to wear it South Indian style or pants style, just like the way North Indians wear it.

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A fusion of western coat and salwar kameez, Sherwanis have evolved over the years. Initially worn by the kings and members of royal families, these are quite common attires to be worn in weddings by men these days. You can pair up your sherwani with a churidar or pajama while depending on your comfort own level.

In fact, you also have a choice to accessorize the sherwani suit with a turban, embroidery shoes and a gem studded broach in order to get that perfect loyal look.


An Indian substitute to the western two-piece suits, Bandhgalas are more popular as Jodhpur Suits. You can wear them at both formal and casual occasions as the Nehru collar element gives the suit a casual yet elegant look. You can pair them up with trousers or either the same color or a create a contrasting combination.

Just make sure that your bandhgala is not overly gaudy. They look best with a moderate embroidery irrespective of the occasion you are wearing it for.

Kurta Pajama

The humblest and probably the most underrated traditional menswear of all time, Kurta Pajama looks good at every occasion. The best part is that a kurta pajama never goes out of trend. You can get yourself tailor-made as many as you want – in different patterns and which different kind of work done on them. Just add a turban to your attire and get the complete royal look.

Your churidar pants could either be of same color as your kurta or you can go for a contrasting color combination if you are the one to experiment. Either way, it looks really good on almost everybody.

So if you want to spot a different look at any occasion or be a bit traditional in the next wedding that you attend, get yourself at least one of these amazing outfits. And why not? In a country where you would find different cultures and dressing styles in every corner you go, being traditionally experimental is definitely something that you should try at least once.



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