What Should Your Cocktail Suit Look Like

Cocktail Attire for Men

Receiving a party invitation is always pleasing as you get to see the old and new faces, enjoy some relaxing time with them while taking a break from routine. There is no stress involved, right? Well, how about if your invitation has a dress code specifically mentioned over it?

Just imagine having received an invitation with the letters printed “Cocktail Attire” as dress code and suddenly all the excitement and planning for a fun weekend turns into confusion. You have no clue what does the dress code imply and you are simply left wondering that what you should wear and whose style are you actually suppose to idolize for this particular event. Is a particular coat style defines the attire or is it some particular color that you need to wear? Will anything pass as cocktail attire till the time you are holding a cocktail glass in your hand?

Well, just relax your mind and stop calling everybody to know what the dress code actually imply. Allow us to help you decipher the code and hence make it easier for you to decide that whether you already have the clothes to be worn as cocktail attire or is it the time for you to go shopping so that you can rock the look at the party.

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How Exactly You Define Cocktail Attire?

To begin with, Cocktail attire is not a thing of this era. It has been in trend since 1930s. Back in days, people used to hold the gatherings to enjoy cocktails in the time between the day and evening in order to have some relaxing and social hours. They wanted to have a dress code which was not as casual and relaxed as the day wear but not as prim and formal as the evening attires.

Though we have now started having separate cocktail parties where this dress code is required to be adopted, it can be sported at various other events including sporting events, formal birthday parties and wedding anniversaries.

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Some Do’s and Don’ts for Cocktail Attire

Though it is completely acceptable to add a bit of personalized style in every dress code, there are still some do’s and don’ts for this attire that you should consider while

DO wear something that is custom tailored. A tuxedo might seem like overdone but a blazer and trouser combo will certainly provide you the right look.

DO NOT upstage the host or guest of honor, which means that if you are attending somebody’s birthday, anniversary or any such event where the spotlight should be on somebody else then you should avoid wearing eye-catching accessories or bright colors.

DO add personal effects. However, you have to be really cautious about what part of your attire you allow to be your style statement. Now! You would definitely not like to be recalled as ‘neon pink shirt guy’ from your friend’s bachelors.

DO NOT hesitate to contact the host. There could be a moment where you feel really confused about the dress code. The best source to clear all your doubts would be the host of the party. After all, he decided that theme having some clear idea in mind.

However, if you still feel confused then it is always better to over dress rather than be under-dressed. The only thing you need to ensure is that you are keeping your tuxedo in the wardrobe for this event.

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Completing the Look

Your jacket, trousers, shirt, shoes, tie (if you are wearing it) could be perfectly complimented while making you look like a perfect gentleman, but the cocktail look would be incomplete without an essential dab of cologne and fragrance. Going for a subtle yet enticing fragrance could really enhance your cocktail attire’s charisma, making you look nothing less than dapper.

Remember! It is a cocktail party. You are not supposed to look clean and formal, but neat and fun. So, give a break to all the neutral colors in your wardrobe and take out those fun blazers that you bought but could never wear to an office event. The key is not to match your suit here. Go for the contrasting colors, mix and match your attire and look what suits you the best. Enjoy your drink and the compliments that follow!


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