The Top 5 Types of Blazers to Own

Top 5 Types of Blazers

Blazers give elegant and stylish look to men`s personality. There is not so much difference between the suit jacket and blazer. Suit jacket is the one which is used to wore with the matching paints, but it is not applicable on the blazers.

Never wore a blazer with the matching pants, otherwise people will throw you out of the occasion. Seriously? No, just kidding man!

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But still there are five types of blazers which should be available in your wardrobe. A well-fitted blazer, with a perfect matching shirt and a sexy pair of shoes will definitely look awesome-blossom on you.

Below, I have discussed the 5 main suits which one should keep near to their wardrobe.

Seer Sucker Blazer:

Seer Sucker blazer is a thin classic summer or spring wear blazer. Made up of all-cotton fabric, usually comes in striped or checks design. It comes in smooth and rough stripes, for the smooth texture a blend mixture of milk and sugar is used. Seer Sucker is generally woven, in such a way that some threads bunch together, which gives the fabric a wrinkled appearance at some places.

It’s not necessary to press the seer sucker blazer and their fabric is mostly likely to help away from the skin when worn, facilitating heat, dissipation and air circulation.

Socks, Shorts, Shirts, Suits and robes are the common items which is made from Seer Sucker. And the most common colors are white and blue. Though they also produced in wide varieties of colors, mostly the alternating colored stripes and puckers white stripes slightly wider than pin stripes.

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Plaid Blazers:

If you want to grab everyone’s attention than wear this statement blazer i.e. Plaid blazer. Plaid blazer are the hardest blazer styles to pull-off. It is advisable to keep the plaid blazer simple, or you can add some accessories like pocket square, try to wear it with white shirt and jeans. Never wear the full matching plaid suits as one. It will look worse like hell.

Tweed Blazer:

Tweed suits are famous form the English country side history and adopted by many bicyclists and other famous celebrities as opposed to the darker wool suits. The difference between the leisure-based, earthy colored tweed and business focused grey, dark blue and black suits perhaps gave rise to the so-called “no brown in town” rule, in London.

The fabric of tweed blazer is thick, heavy and durable, this is the reason tweed blazers are preferring to wear in colder seasons. They look awesome when paired with white shirt, boots and well-fitted jeans. Be make sure that the suit is well-fitted, otherwise you will drop in down in the heavy fabric. This Tweed Blazer can be a great alternative to the average cotton blazer and they are available in large number of colors, styles and patterns which can become a perfect way to show off one`s personal taste.

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Velvet Blazer:

Velvet Blazer is new in trend for the starters. It gives a perfect and stylish look for all occasions and it is mostly preferred to wear in high street stores. Velvet blazer are the most sophisticated blazer.

It is advisable to wear dark colors of velvet blazer. Keep the pattern simple and light with the black, blues and dark brown color as it shines under the bright lights. Velvet blazer can be a great alternative to a cotton blazer because of it class and hot looks.

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Corduroy suits enhance the personality. They are most preferred to wear in Winter season and looks good in Chocolate brown, marron and other warm hues. They come with elbow patches which adds an another beautiful element to look. Keep the width of piping thinner, as it is easier to work on an outfit.

Corduroy suits gives you a more traditional and vintage look. Actually, these suits are not everyone’s cup of tea but when it worn correctly it will look awesome and better than any other blazer.

Stay Stylish, Start wearing hot blazers.


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