How to wear a three piece suit

Have you ever thought of wearing a three-piece suit, if not then, the time has come my friend to wear it.

A three-piece suit is extremely an embellishing outfit, especially for the shorter men.

If you have the complete knowledge about how to wear a three piece suit, then you will look more charming, smart and handsome.

Benefits of 3 Piece Suits:

A three piece suits is a great way to avoid the contrast of wearing a light top shirt and very dark bottom because it ensures that most of the body part is covered under the same-fabric.

But when you take off your jacket, it will look completely different.

A three piece suit is pretty similar to white shirt and dark blue trousers, if not wearing the jacket then it will show a contrast between the upper and lower halves.

Now what you can do to avoid it, stop wearing the light-colored shirts, which is not the solution, but wearing the vest changes everything, it will give hotter look to your personality. A three piece is generally worn by shorter-people.

So if you are removing the jacket, the vest coat will help you to maintain the versatility.

Another advantage of wearing a three-piece suit that it covers your tie. So, if your tie is long which happened often, so you can just tuck into it, and don`t have to worry about the excess length.

And you don’t have to shorten the sleeves of shirts and jackets because vests don’t come with sleeves.

Wearing 3 Piece Suits

Here’s the deal:

If you are going to wear a three-piece suit then keep some few points in mind.

Tip 1: Your vest should cover your shirt

Your shirt part should not be visible below the vest.

Always remember it’s better to wear the long vest but not the short one.

And it is a rule that you should not button the bottom button of the vest.

Just wear the vest the way you want to wear it, it is not a hard and fast rule which you must have to follow.

Tip 2:  Use the same fabric for the whole vest

Sometimes, you will see the front side of the vest is the same as of the wool of the suit, but on back side a different material is used like a silk-like material such as Bemberg or some other type of rayon. This will not give you a drastic look, it will look more functional since it provides a smooth surface for your jacket to slide over (as you take it on and off).

But if you want to increase more versatility then go with the same fabric for the complete three piece suits, even the lining is also in the same color.

Tip 3: Make sure the shirt sleeves fit

We all feel very guilty in wearing an ill-fitted shirt, which doesn’t fit under the suit jacket. Because the sleeves are too long and baggy. If still you have-not gone to tailored shop then it’s okay because you would not take off your jacket right?

But when you take off your jacket, the ill-fitted sleeves were come in notice, especially in case of shorten men who wore the pirate shirt.

But it`s good to slimming the sleeves of a dress shirt which is a cheap and easy alteration.

Every guy have some shirts which they love to worn under the sweaters or jackets.

But if you are now planning to wear a three-piece suit then take off all your ill-fitted shirts to tailors.

Keep in mind that your shirt should not be so tight, it should be roomy enough to roll up the muscles or to wear a watch or bracelet.

Putting It All Together

Here’s the bottom line:

If a three-piece suit worn properly then it will give you more professional and sexy look especially for shorter men.

Awesome smarty choice, huh? If you don’t have a three-piece suit in your wardrobe, then I would highly recommend you to include a three-piece suit in your next shopping list.

If you already have a three-piece suit then well done, man you are going on right path.
Thanks for reading my article. Do let us know you’re thought about three-piece suit.


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