Made-to-measure suits style Guide for Men’s:

Say thanks to famous fashion designers, celebrities, and Don Draper (“Don” Draper is a fictional character and the protagonist of AMC’s television series Mad Men) for the continued popularity of made-to-measure suits. You know what suits was worn only for a special occasion or only for office work but suits has now become a new way to stand up to the economy and wear in every occasion and daily basis.

People say that the clothes maketh the man perfect, and while in the case of our made-to-measure suits it’s equally apposite to say that the man maketh the clothes, too.

How you choose to wear your tailored suit from Jodhpur Tailors will go a long way towards determining how good it looks in the eyes of a third party, so we listed our made to measure suits rules of style when it comes to dressing to impress.

No-one ever said that dressing perfect was easy!

#1. Ensure the suit fits perfectly:

If you buy even the world’s most expensive, designer suits, stylish, on-trend suit from Valentino (Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, best known as Valentino, is an Italian fashion designer and founder of the Valentino Sp A brand and company) himself could look awful if it wasn’t tailored to fit your body perfectly.  It is not a price tag that makes a suits look cheap or expensive it is the matter of comfort and feel.  You can buy a suit from your local supermarket with little cost if you get the suit tailored to fit you well, it will look far more expensive.

#2. Choose perfect patterns and colors:

There are wide range of design/patterns and colors available when it comes to choose the material for made to measure suit online for men’s, it can be easy to get carried away. Some patterns and colors can seem ‘cool’ and may even be in fashion. However, if you want to avoid having to buy a new suit every month or wasting money on a suit you only wear a handful of times, it’s better to go with classic, timeless patterns and colors.

#3. Avoid over accessorizing:

Avoid to wear too much accessory with suits or whatever you wear because too much of anything is never a good idea. You should be selective when you wear a made to measure suits. If you’re already wearing a tie pin, pocket square and cufflinks, you probably don’t need the tie-bar too…

#4: Empty your pockets:

As a fashion designer I’ll suggest you that avoid to carry things in your suits pocket. If you’re in the habit of carrying around all of your worldly possessions like wallet, keys, it’s time to leave the bulky wallet, keys and pocket change in your girlfriend’s handbag. Nothing ruins the line of a pair of tailored trousers like a wallet, so if you must carry belongings around with you when clad in your bespoke suit, be sure to stow them in your inside breast pockets or a bag with you instead.

#5. Don’t dismiss the waistcoat

Many men often think that a three-piece suit should be reserved only for weddings, but we tell our clients that if the waistcoat is well-fitted, cut close to the body and hemmed just to the belt line, it can be slimming. Waistcoats are also currently in fashion, and should they go out of fashion, it needn’t matter, as the suit can be worn with or without it.

You look most dashing, sir. For more style advice, take a look at the Jodhpur Tailors blog or consult our bespoke tailoring service for all of your couture requirements.


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