How to Care For Your Suit

Best way to Care For Your Suit

A suit is one of your serious investment.  Like any other investment, because you spent more money on a suit than on a new Mobile or gadget. We all know men’s suits always be so expensive. When you spent lots of money to buy a suits, you have to respect it, understand it and must learn how to properly manage and care for it.  If you take proper care of your custom made suit it can easily become a good investment that will last a few years or even a lifetime! A man can understand the value of investment.

Follow these few simple steps on how to properly care your suit.

Best Tip on How to Care For Your Suit.


Keeping a suit clean can be an additional challenge for us. Many people try dry clean their suits on a regular basis, but this can damage the naturally and lifespan of the suits. Taking your suit to the dry cleaners once every 3 months should be fine unless there is an emergency stain.


Never use an iron, always try streaming because iron on suits can cause damage to the fibers. Using a garment steamer on your suit is one of the best ways keep your suits free from wrinkles but also deodorize it. A good steamer isn’t cheap, can cost up to $100 but is a small price to pay to keep your suits in tip-top shape over the long run and it is a healthy investment. You should steam your suit on a regular basis as this helps to open up the fibers and removes stains.


Hang your suit when you’re not wearing it. Hang your suit on a wooden hanger away from other clothing. This will help it retain its shape (especially in the shoulders) and will allow it to air out. Never ever use a metal hanger always use wood or plastic hangers with rounded edges. Make sure all of the pockets are empty to avoid creating creases, or odd shapes in your suit.


Due to dust, loose hair and dandruff can accumulate in your hair over time.  You keep it clean and neat with shampoo and bathing. Right! Your suits deserve the same care.  After each wear make sure that you brush your suit using a suit brush, as this will remove any stains or marks. Brush off any dirt or food particles that may be clinging to the suit after you wear it.


Some of your suits are seasonal. Use a cloth cover which allows air to still circulate through the suit even when it’s being stored. So it might be months before you start wearing them again, which is why you need to consider a proper storage. Cover it up..

For more advice on how to care for your suit, or to discuss our other bespoke tailored suits and jackets visit our official website:



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